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Company: A & A Power Generators, Inc.
Contact: (888)991-4500
URL: http://www.aapower.com
Keyphrase: Diesel Generators

A & A Power Generators Is Your Single Source For Quality Diesel Generators

About Diesel Generators:
Unlike gas engines, diesel generators have no spark plugs to replace, or carburetors to rebuild and service. Diesel Generators generally burn less than half the fuel that gas engines do to do the same amount of work. Diesel Generators regularly outlast gas engines ten-to-one.

For example, the average gas engine powering a generator will run for around 1000 hours before needing replacement or a complete overhaul. And that’s an average. Many don’t make it past a few hundred hours. The average diesel generator will run 20,000 hours before needing any service beyond routine maintenance, but many make it to 50,000 hours, and some a lot longer than that. At four hours a day, even 20,000 hours works out to nearly fourteen years!

diesel generatorsDiesel Generators are built to last. They’re built to produce their rated output for years on end. Most gas-engine generators are built specifically to be used for intermittent or emergency power. Almost all gas-engine generators run at a self-destructing speed of 3600 RPM. Most diesels run at half that speed.

About A & A Power Generators, Inc.

diesel generatorsSince 1997, A & A Power Generators has provided thousands with Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators, Propane Generators, Standby, Generac, Guardian Generators in North America, Central, South America, The Bahamas and The Caribbean. Every single customer has been satisfied with our low priced generators and customer service since day 1.

If you need a Diesel Generator, Natural Gas Generator, Propane, Generac, Guardian, or accessories for a generator, give us a call. You will be satisfied with the professionalism and customer service A&A Power Generator provides you.

Call us toll free at 1-888-991-4500 if you have any questions about Generac Generator Purchasing or Installation.

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