Fantasy Football: Advice, Mock Draft, Start, Sit

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Fantasy Football: Advice, Mock Draft, Start, SitKeyphrase: Fantasy Advice
Company: Fans Fantasy Football


Post a question on the Fans Fantasy Football
Message Forum to get your Start/Sit Advice!

Here is just a taste of what is available on the Fans Fantasy Football Website for Fantasy Advice....

A) Have fun with it. We use to play Fantasy Baseball, some of us still do, but overall we got tired of the day to day scorecards and transactions of it. With Fantasy Football you only really need a few hours a week to prepare. Don't get bogged down every day with transactions, they are all in one neat place in WHAT'S NEW. So relax, sit back and enjoy, no need to watch every day, for the love of god the games are only Sunday, Monday and occasional Saturday or Thursday...

B) Don't over analyze. IN THIS WEEKS PICKS we will give you our GUESS PICKS and advice as who to start. I am sure if you look to another site you will see someone tell you the opposite!

About Fans Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Advice, Mock Draft, Start, Sit I am your host "HATE THE GAME". On this island, you will find fantasy football tips, picks, ratings, rantings, fantasy advice from others and a free fantasy football forum where you can post questions and give advice.

We ask that you follow a few simple rules when playing with others:

  • Fantasy Football Island was designed for fantasy fans, no so-called experts here, so we ask that you maintain maturaty during discussions. All others will be excused from the island.
  • Fantasy Football Island does not allow foul language in its forum. If we find that you are using such language, you will be excused from the island, permantely!
  • Have fun and don't take it too seriously, after all that is why they call it FANTASY FOOTBALL!
  • And watch out for "The Plane boss, the plane!"

We have played Fantasy Football for over 15 years and have learned a thing or two with tips, picks and fantasy advice. We have seen all the other free and pay sites and truthfully use them from time to time.

However, here you will get the best information available to fantasy fans, presented in a way that is clear, understandable, and timely.

So enjoy….good luck and remember….its all in good fun.

Don't hate the player….HATE THE GAME!

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